Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day at the Museum

We have a membership to the Anchorage Museum and the kids really like to go there. We went March of 2010 to the Star Wars exhibit with our friends the Barneys and the kids loved it. I think I may have posted about that...if not, I will later.

This post is the kids at the museum at the Imaginarium. The love that place! I really only have pics of them playing with bubbles, because they were the first thing we saw and then we got so caught up in having fun we forgot to take pictures!

Rikk and Walker in the BIG bubble

Rikk and the boys at the bubble stations

Rikk and Hunter at the bubble station

Kyler and I at the bubble station

Hunter, Kyler and I in the BIG bubble

Hunter petting a starfish

Trip to the 'banks!

We made a trip up to Fairbanks this summer (when we celebrated the twins' birthday) and had some fun with my parents and grandparents. I absolutely LOVE the relationship my kids have with them, they always have fun together. We had BBQs at my folks' house, went to the muskox farm, and went to the glow in the dark mini golf.

The boys with (Great) Grandma and Grandpa

We went to the Muskox Farm with my Dad (he took the pic)

Hunter at mini golf

Kyler at mini golf

Walker at mini golf

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baseball Season

Hunter and Walker both played baseball this last summer and LOVED it...they had better, it's in their blood on both sides! Hunter played for the New York Yankees and played coach pitch baseball, but they actually used a pitching machine. Walker played t-ball and played for the Texas Rangers...yes, we heard, "Walker Texas Ranger" all summer from his coaches, they thought it was pretty funny and so did we...the first time!

Hunter in is uniform listening to his coach

Hunter with his coach getting his trophy at the end of the season

Walker in his uniform...I love his cute smile!

Walker with his coach getting his trophy at the end of the season

Conner, Kooper and I cheering the boys on opening day

Rikk and Conner...apparently Conner is having a GREAT time, I love that face!

Conner and Kooper Turned One

That's right, that twins turned 1...way back On May 9, 2010!!! You could say that I am a little behind on this post! We celebrated Conner and Kooper's birthday in June up in Fairbanks with my parents, grandparents and the Barney Family (our BFFs!). Since we weren't home and Rikk didn't want to make a mess of my mom's kitchen, we got a cupcake cake made for the twins. It was really cute...although I am positive that Rikk would have made a cuter cake!

Conner and Kooper on their birthday

Conner and Kooper on their birthday

Conner and Kooper's cakes

Conner, Kooper, my mom and myself
The twins went up and down the slide a million times!

The five boys playing together

Unwrapping some presents

Kooper thought Conner needed some help with his

Unwrapping some more presents

Getting ready to blow out their candles

Conner enjoying his cake

Kooper enjoying his cake

Kooper enjoying Conner's cake!

Conner, we call our lazy baby...we totally mean that with love! He is standing and saying a few words, but loves to have you do EVERYTHING for him. He has zero interest in walking or pulling himself onto the couch or onto anything for that matter! Infact, when he wants up on the couch he just stands there and yells at you until you do it! He is so cute and squishy!

Kooper, he is our little go-getter! This kid is VERY independent. He is pulling himself upto stand and is talking up a storm. Kooper loves to stand, crawl around and climbs onto EVERYTHING! He can maneuver that little nub in unbelieveable ways. And Kooper is so stinkin' smart. If he isn't tall enough to climb onto something, then he scoots something over to where he wants to climb up, climbs onto that, then climbs onto his final destination.

Conner and Kooper have been such a blessing in our lives, we could not imagine our family without them and we are thankful everyday for them. Hunter, Walker and Kyler just LOVE them and can't get enough of them and neither can Rikk and I! Happy Birthday Conner and Kooper, we love you BIG much!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wildlife Conservation Law Officer

Rikk graduated Saturday from his yearlong Wildlife Conservation Law Officer course, he is now a badge carrying gun toting officer for federal lands and the state of Alaska.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hunter had a birthday party to go to today. Birthday parties in the past have gone as follows...We accept invite. We buy present for birthday child. We drop Hunter off at party (EVERY party has been on a day Rikk is working, so I can't stay). Two minutes after I leave Hunter calls and wants to go home. He gets nervous, his tummy starts to hurt and he is in tears. I really feel bad for him. He looks forward to the party all week and then always ends up leaving.

So last night we talked about how going to this party was going to be soooo much fun. It's a party for a little boy from church who Hunter also goes to scouts with. The family is great! Hunter started to get a little nervous just talking about me not being there. We went over how he goes to school, primary, scouts and that Dad and I aren't there with him. He was still nervous.

When Hunter woke up this morning he was a VERY happy kiddo! He got in the shower, got all ready for the party, helped wrapped the present, made a birthday was a good morning. We got loaded in the car and I could tell he was getting a little nervous. I stopped in the driveway and told him to remind me when we got to the birthday boys' house to have prayer so that he would feel okay. Hunter replied with, "I asked Heavenly Father to help me not be nervous and to feel safe in my prayers last night and this morning." I can't tell you how BIG the smile on my face was and how warm my heart felt. I told him how proud I was of him and that Dad and I had also asked Heavenly Father in our prayers to do the same thing.

I love Hunter. He is our child that helps to remind us about prayers, scripture study, family home evening, etc. I am so proud of him and the example he is setting not just for his little brothers, but for Rikk and I also. I really hope he stays like this!

Monday, November 1, 2010


WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD OF KOOPER!!! This is the first time Kooper has been able to walk where I haven't had to hold onto his prosthetic. We had an appointment with Shriners a few weeks ago and they are in the process of making him another new leg. They are very hopeful and 99% sure that this new leg will have a knee joint in it. YAY!!