Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day at the Museum

We have a membership to the Anchorage Museum and the kids really like to go there. We went March of 2010 to the Star Wars exhibit with our friends the Barneys and the kids loved it. I think I may have posted about that...if not, I will later.

This post is the kids at the museum at the Imaginarium. The love that place! I really only have pics of them playing with bubbles, because they were the first thing we saw and then we got so caught up in having fun we forgot to take pictures!

Rikk and Walker in the BIG bubble

Rikk and the boys at the bubble stations

Rikk and Hunter at the bubble station

Kyler and I at the bubble station

Hunter, Kyler and I in the BIG bubble

Hunter petting a starfish

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